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一. 首考与"with" 的搭配

  comply with ,coincide with, collide with, collaborate with ,cope with, minge with, furnish with, acquaint oneself with(be acquainted with) come up with ,do away with ,be identical, in accordance with ,find fault with ,in association with, in line with, in harmony with, get away with, lose contact with ,with keen anticipation, be consistent with, be (in)compatible with, in collaboration with ,reconcile with.

  二. 与"to"的搭配关系也是考查重点

  conform to , be apt\ prone \liable to , be subordinate to , be superior to , be inferior to , be relevant to , be identical to , be indifferent to ,resort to , dedicate to , in contrast to , in response to,in obedience to , be subjected to , adhere to , ascribe to ,attribute to ,subscribe to ,be susceptible to ,cater to , be secondary to ,have access to , inaccessible to, cling to , in proportion to , do credit to ( 为-----带来光荣),show somebody to (引领) with reference to ,be bound to ,get round to, live up to.

  三.与"for" 的搭配

  compensate for , take the blame for , have tolerance for , display admiration for ,revenge oneself for sth. go in for , show scorn for.


  on the threshold of , on the decline , on no account , on file ,comment on , catch on , on the occasion , be intent on , have a profound effect on ,look out on ,look on as,heap praise on .


  deprive sb .of sth. ,be suspious of ,of no avail , in terms of, be critical of , in the vicinity of, make sense of ,in honor of at the height of , the array of , a fration of , conceive of, a stack of,in quest of ,by virtue of.

  六.与"in" 的搭配

  in compensation, in a minority, in a dilemma , result in , in that, provided that , in between ,in case of,in memory of.


  at random , hang by a thread , keep off, look into , lay off, lose no time in doing sth. ,put away , regardless of ,talk sb ,into doing sth. deceive sb . into doing sth.,insight into,hand over, take on .


无数innumerable ; countless

许多plenty of ; many ; much ; a great deal of ; a lot of ; ample


依序列举list in sequence


过时的outdated ; antiquated ; outmoded ; obsolete ; anachronistic

短暂的ephemeral ; transitory ; transient ; short-lived


可持久的durable ; able to stand wear ; last a long time

一再time after time ; again and again


前述的aforementioned ; aforesaid ; former

自古到今from ancient times to the present day ; down through the ages

年轻人young people ; youngster ; youth ; young adult

老式的old-fashioned ; out of date ; dated

偶尔from time to time ; now and then ; once in a while ; at times

时常often ; frequently ; repeatedly

永远的eternal ; perpetual ; lasting throughout life

重整办事优先顺序reshape priorities

目前so far ; by far

一次就可完成的事one-time event


骂yell at ; reprimand ; chide ; scold ; reprove

支持support ; endorse ; back up ; uphold

谴责condemn ; express strong disapproval of

错的mistaken ; erroneous ; wrong incorrect

错事wrongdoing ; had acts ; misbehavior

做相反的do the reverse of ; do the opposite

归咎blame…on ; put the blame on … ; …is to blame

瓦解disintegrate ; break up ; separate into small parts

支持某一方in favor of ; on the side of


意见不和clashes of opinion

一致的unanimous ; in complete agreement

不恰当inappropriate ; improper ; unsuitable ; inadequate

批判criticize ; blame; find fault with ; make judgments of the merits and faults of…

我们想念…we are convinced that…; we are certain that..

我愿意I incline to; I am inclined to; I am willing to; I tend to

有用的useful ; of use; serviceable; good for; instrumental; productive

有意义的meaningful; fulfilling

他们不愿承认这一点they have always been reluctant to admit this…

在大家同意下by common consent of…

否定deny; withhold; negate

承认admit; acknowledge; confess; concede

于事无补of no help; of no avail; no use

使…受益benefit…; do good to…; is good for…; is of great benefit to…

想法frame of mind; mind set; the way one is thinking

想出come up with

找出come up with; find out

利用use; take advantage of

夸耀brag about; boast about; show off; speak too highly of

照顾take care of; take charge of; attend to; watch over

对…很了解have a deep knowledge of…

对抗权威stand up against authority; resisit boldly the authority

对…有信心have confidence in

说清楚articulate; verbalize; put in words; utter

接受…之美意embrace the offer of…

累积amass; accumulate; heap up; assemble

连系tact; get in touch with; contact with

排除这可能性rule out the possibility

等于is equivalent to; equal

选择choose; elect; opt for; pick; single out

发出deliver; give out; hand over

绕路detour; take a detour; take a roundabout way

禁止进入is kept out; is barred from

小看make little of

坏了out of order; on the blink; is not working

分别distinguish between; make a distinction between; tell…from

依靠count on; depend on

忽视neglect; give too little care to

存在come to be; come into existence; come to birth; come into being

考虑consider; take into consideration; take into account

考虑到in consideration of

用尽力气exhaust one’s strength; use up one’s strength

开动initiate; set going

准备…brace for; prepare for

在于lie in; rest on; rest with

主动take the initiative

不算exclusive of; not counting; leaving out

应该得到deserve; have right to; is worthy of

避免avoid; shun; get around; circumvent

幻想fantasy; play of the mind

以此标准来算by this criterion; by this standard

乍看之下at first glance

面对in the face of; in the presence of

以by means of; by virtue of; by the use of

不惜代价at all costs

每况愈下from bad to worse

承受错误造成的后果in reaping the harvest of his mistakes

取得同意…get the go-ahead to

不择手段unscrupulously; by hook or by crook

想法与作法beliefs and practices

内情ins and outs; turns and twists

关键时刻the critical moment

虽然although; notwithstanding; albeit; though

根据according to; on the basis of; on the ground of (that); in the light of; in line with; in accordance with

逃避问题evade the question

增大enlarge; extend; aggrandize

澄清clarify; make clear

赔偿compensate for; give…as compensation for

实现carry out; implement; realize; make…come true

假定suppose; assume; postulate; hypothesize

极端的radical; extreme

极端的措施drastic measures

剩下的the rest; the remainder; what is left

换言之in other words; put another way

结果result; aftermath; consequence

优点advantage; strength; strong point; merit; benefit

简言之put simply; in short; in brief; in a nutshell

举例而言for instance; for example; to illustrate; let us cite 特别是an illustration; to cite a concrete case

特别是especially; more than others; particularly; in particular

既然…now that…; seeing that…

迹象inkling; hint; clue; a slight suggestion

缺点disadvantage; demerit; shortcoming; drawback; weakness

除去do away with; eliminate; remove; get rid of

缺少for lack of; for a deficiency of

毕竟after all; all in all

范围scope; field; realm


行为conduct; behavior; doings

隔绝isolate; insulate

分辨出identify; recognize

不易懂的elusive; hard to understand



主导的人物a dominant figure; a controlling man; the most influential person

观点viewpoint; point of view; perspective; standpoint

正在进行中is underway

只是一种姿态is merely a gesture

立场position; stand; stance

意向inclination; leaning; intention

特权privilege; a special right

来自stem from; come from

一件事的不同说法alternative statements of fact

交织intertwine; interweave

好奇心the eager desire to know; curiosity

尊敬respect; esteem; think highly of

顽固的headstrong; obstinate; stubborn

暗淡的gloomy; dark; dim

巨大的huge; gigantic; colossal; vast; enormous; tremendous

探索explore; fathom

执行carry out; execute; do

现代modern times; modern age; contemporary age

偏见prejudice; bias; partiality; predilection

混乱chaos; commotion; confusion; disturbance; tumult


无缺点的flawless; airtight


无法避免的unavoidable; inevitable

细密的计划elaborate plan

取消cancel; annul; abolish

解药a cure for…; a remedy for;

谜puzzle; riddle; enigma

机会平等equality of opportunity

较有影响力的国家a predominant country

遵守abide by; conform to; observe; comply with

热情的passionate; ardent; zealous

模糊的ambiguous; vague; obscure


失望despair; loss of hope; without hope

幼稚childish; childlike; na飗e

挑剔的picky; choosy; fastidious

破坏destroy; ruin; break to pieces; devasate

技巧的skillful; adept; dexterous

警觉的alert; watchful; on guard; wary of

忍受bear; put up with; endure; stand

证据evidence; facts; proof; grounds; testimony

很容易地easily; with little problem; with little hindrance

令人惊讶的amazing; astonishing; astounding

生动的报导vivid description

争取compete for; try hard to win

遗产heritage; legacy; inheritance

保护protect; safeguard; preserve; shelter

了解understand; comprehend; catch the meaning of; catch on

汇露reveal; make known; disclose

放大amplify; magnify; enlarge

动力impetus; driving force; momentum


第一流的first-rate; excellent

安全处refuge; asylum; haven; sanctuary

强调emphasize; stress; highlight

短视的决定short-sighted decision

真正的genuine; authentic; real

怪异的eccentric; peculiar; odd

明显的distinct; clear; explicit; obvious

得到…的注意capture one’s attention

事事干涉的meddlesome; interfering

背景setting; background

假的fake; false; counterfeit



古人the ancients

古老的old; ancient; archaeic

逃犯infringe (on); violate

使害怕intimidate; frighten





准确地说to be exact; to be precise; precisely

突然醒悟it dawned on me that

仔细思考之后after long deliberation; after careful thought



可与…相比is comparable with (to)

普遍的prevailing; common; prevalent

是一个对比is a sharp contrast to

比作is likened to; is compared to



一般而言in general; generally speaking; by and large

满于现状be happy with what you are

预测未来project into the future

另一个观点是… another way of looking at the matter is…

不宜取笑… it is not decent to make fun of…

评估社会文化因素 assess (evaluate) sociocultural factors

那并非说… that does not mean that…

那有这回事 there is no such thing as

一个有待克服的困难是… a major hurdle for us to overcome is…

由…造成 caused by; attributable to; due to; resulting from

由…组成 is made up of…; is comprised of; consist

必须从两方面考虑此问题this problem needs to be considered on two dimensions:

限制limit; restrict; refrain; restrain; keep within limits; confine; keep in check

一般人认为… conventional wisdom suggests that…

这方法有陷阱the method had pitfalls:

说服convince; persuade; cause to believe

具体的specific; concrete; tangible

刻意的intentional; on purpose; intended

费时间去了解…take time to acquaint oneself with…

…是此问题的核心 …is at the root of the issue

无法估计is beyond calculation; incalculable



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